Supplier Partners

We value our suppliers as partners
At OmniSYS, our mission is to improve the health of healthcare. Our Code of Conduct, which details the ethical standards and framework under which we conduct and manage our business, governs the work we do every day. Our Code of Conduct sets forth the foundation for our standards and expectations in the workplace.

We consider our business partners and suppliers critical to our overall success and ability to deliver value. We understand that working successfully with suppliers who share our values, including our promise to deliver outstanding service, and our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, help make our goal a reality. Therefore, we partner with the best-in-class suppliers for goods and services based on these general principles:

Our integrity shall not be compromised. We abide by the highest standards of ethical business practices in all aspects of business and expect the same of our supplier partners. We conduct all business in a manner that ensures fairness to all stakeholders, including, but not limited to, our customers, our employees and our suppliers.

We do not tolerate any conduct that compromises our principle of integrity and ethics and insist that any such conduct exhibited by our employees, contractors, suppliers, or customers be reported immediately by contacting our Ethics Line (214-459-2574 x 2256) or our Compliance Committee (

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Supplier partners fully comply with all applicable national and/or local laws and regulations, including but not limited to those related to labor, immigration, health and safety, and the environment.

Customer and Market Focus
We are dedicated to anticipating and meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.

We understand the trends and market opportunities that affect our business and utilize this understanding to develop and implement strategies that effectively deliver value to our stakeholders.

Suppliers are required to protect the personal information of their business partners, customers, patients, and others they do business with.

Team Collaboration
We promote an environment that fosters collaborative behavior and values diversity among all key stakeholders, resulting in trust, respect, mutual commitment, and endless thinking. We value many perspectives and incorporate learning from others to enhance our own understanding and appreciation of differences in style, opinions, or approaches to situations.