Immunization Pilot Results

Improving Adult Immunization Rates in the Pharmacy: Pilot Program Results

The pharmacy is poised to play an essential role in improving vaccination rates and advancing population health. Studies have shown a dramatic increase in the number of vaccines administered at U.S. pharmacies in recent years – more than 500 percent over a six year period just for influenza vaccines. However the overall vaccination rates in the U.S. remained relatively stagnant over this same time period.

So how can pharmacies make a measurable impact on vaccination rates in the U.S.?

Pharmacists need an efficient and accurate method of determining eligibility in order to appropriately counsel patients on recommended immunizations and the associated health benefits.

Introducing Smart Clinical Messaging

Smart clinical messaging is emerging as a promising technology to provide pharmacists with patient eligibility information in real-time and within their existing workflow.

Smart clinical messaging applies clinical and business rules to data from multiple sources in order to deliver accurate eligibility information to the pharmacist in real-time and within their existing workflow. Upon receiving the message, the pharmacist can take immediate action to counsel the patient on the benefits of immunization while they are still in the store.

Smart clinical messaging

  • Patient-specific
  • Vaccine-specific
  • Integrated into the pharmacist’s existing workflow
  • Delivered in real-time
  • Based on data from multiple sources
  • Leverages both clinical and business rules

Pilot Program: Smart Clinical Messaging

A smart clinical messaging pilot program was conducted from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 at over 5,600 pharmacies nationwide to measure the effectiveness of smart clinical messaging on pneumococcal vaccination rates. The pharmacies in the program included a national retailer, a regional grocer and an assortment of mid-sized chains and independents.

Compared to pneumococcal immunization data from the prior year, the results showed a significant increase in vaccines administered with smart clinical messaging:

64.3% pneumococcal conjugate vaccine


31.6% pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine

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