Patient Communications


Advancing patient communications. One script at a time.

Is your pharmacy ready to communicate with patients anywhere, any time?  Fusion-Rx advances patient communications by empowering pharmacists and patients to develop meaningful, long-term relationships outside the four walls of the pharmacy.

Fusion-Rx is the industry’s first patient communication solution to integrate proprietary digital, mobile and IVR technology into a single platform — eliminating the need for piecemeal communication solutions, reducing variability in messaging and improving the patient experience. Fusion-Rx allows patients to interact with your pharmacy on their terms, and provides them with a cohesive, consistent experience across every communication method that improves medication adherence.

Adherence messaging that gets results.

Fusion-Rx builds a comprehensive prescription profile on each patient and uses that information to drive thoughtful, targeted outreach across all communications methods. Refill reminders are patient and prescription-specific, eliminating the confusion that can result from vague reminders and improving medication adherence by making it easy for patients to understand the status and options for each prescription.

Text messaging just got smarter.

Smart text messaging combines the effectiveness of text messaging with the more secure, feature-rich experience of a mobile browser, giving your patients the best of both worlds and eliminating the incremental cost of text message responses for your pharmacy.

Mobile app options that make sense.

Our pharmacy-branded mobile app has a clean and simple design that makes it easy for patients to interact with your pharmacy on the go, while also making it easy to manage locations, hours and refill requests. Already have a pharmacy or grocery store app? No problem! Fusion-Rx can easily integrate with existing apps, improving the patient experience and reducing the administrative burden of supporting multiple apps.

The future of pharmacy IVR is here.

Our powerful, cloud-based IVR is designed to provide a meaningful experience to each and every patient while automating workflow, extending the life of legacy telecom equipment and providing advanced features including VoIP, text-to-speech, mail order and central fill.

Working with your workflow.

Fusion-Rx supports real-time integration with virtually every pharmacy management system on the market. By sharing data in real-time with your pharmacy management system, Fusion-Rx understands the current status of all the prescriptions in your system, and uses that information to drive timely and accurate communications. Refill requests are automatically posted to your work queue, and your patients no longer receive notifications after a prescription has been picked up or a refill was dispensed.

The Fusion-Rx Difference

  • Single, cohesive patient experience across all communication methods
  • Solutions that scale for independent, hospital and retail pharmacies
  • Modular design allows you to customize a solution to meet your need
  • Advanced IVR, digital and mobile capabilities
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Improve Star ratings
  • Increase reimbursement
  • Reduce DIR fees
  • Streamline pharmacy operations
  • Enhance patient loyalty

Build long-term, strategic relationships with your patients.

Fusion-Rx customers experience measurable results in patient adherence and pharmacy workflow.



of patients who receive a smart text message refill their prescription

hours saved per year


reduction in return-to-stock with will-call messaging


of refills ordered after hours

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