HITConsultant: Pharmacists Step Up in 2023: Increasing Immunization Rates and Closing Healthcare Gaps

What You Should Know:

– XiFin’s pharmacy division, OmniSYS, released its 2023 CareALERTS™ data, highlighting how pharmacists are playing a crucial role in closing healthcare gaps and improving adult immunization rates.

– The data, unveiled on National Pharmacist Day, underscores the need for all U.S. states to recognize pharmacists as providers of clinical services.

CareALERTS: Closing the Immunization Gap

Developed to increase adult and senior immunization rates, CareALERTS leverages advanced technology and data mining to identify patients due for vaccinations at the point of care. In 2023, the program saw a remarkable 28% increase in companion pneumococcal immunizations among participating pharmacies. This translates to preventing potentially deadly diseases, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, and lowering healthcare costs.

The Pressing Need for Increased Immunization Rates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data reveals a concerning trend in low adult immunization rates. During the 2021-2022 flu season, only 49.4% of U.S. adults got vaccinated, with many relying on retail pharmacies for access. Rates for other crucial vaccines like those for pneumococcal disease and shingles are even lower.

Pharmacists: Champions of Healthcare Equity and Beyond

“Pharmacists are playing a vital role in enhancing the well-being of Americans, particularly seniors facing healthcare challenges,” said XiFin CEO Lâle White. “Our technology empowers them to deliver superior care, reduce costs, and reach underserved communities.”

CareALERTS, utilizing one of the industry’s most comprehensive immunization databases, identifies patients in need of specific vaccinations. This data-driven approach has led to:

  • A national pharmacy administering over 100,000 immunizations, generating $17M in revenue.
  • A large grocer providing 45,000 immunizations, resulting in $7M in revenue.
  • A regional grocer protecting nearly 5,000 patients, generating $1M in revenue through additional vaccinations.


“We deeply appreciate the vital role pharmacists play in enhancing the well-being of Americans, especially seniors facing healthcare challenges. Our advanced technology empowers pharmacists to optimize resources, deliver superior care, and reduce costs,” said XiFin executive chair and CEO Lâle White. “We are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable and effective healthcare ecosystem by including pharmacists at the forefront of driving optimal patient outcomes.”

Originally posted on HITConsultant.net on February 2nd, 2024

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