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Data is King. So What is Your Pharmacy Data Telling You?

You couldn’t ask for a better set of data than what pharmacists have in front of them every day – a treasure trove of therapy-based information, collected over many years from loyal patients. And when that data is normalized, organized and analyzed, unprofitable areas of the business are revealed and new opportunities are exposed.

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What Technology is Needed for Pharmacists to Achieve Provider Status?

Pharmacists need solutions in place that help them understand their patients holistically, they need tools that help them efficiently and accurately document clinical encounters, and finally, they need technology that understands the language and practice of ICD-10 and CPT coding so that they can submit medical claims. Said more plainly, pharmacies will need a billing-enabled electronic health record (EHR).

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Are You Ready for the Busiest Immunization Season Ever?

The upcoming immunization season is shaping up to be the busiest ever, as flu season collides with COVID-19 and a recent poll shows that a record number of patients will likely be seeking flu vaccinations this year. Check out these steps you can take to ready your pharmacy for a respiratory virus season unlike any other.

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Three Big Trends that Will Impact Pharmacy Communication

Now more than ever, pharmacies need to think about virtualizing their storefronts and effectively communicating with patients. Today’s healthcare consumer, particularly during this extraordinary time, is increasingly turning to virtual communication as their preferred method of interaction. So, what is the best way for pharmacies to connect with their customers and what investments do pharmacies need to make in order to thrive in this increasingly digital age?

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