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Improve adherence with patient-centric messaging

Is your pharmacy ready to communicate with patients anywhere, any time? We understand how important it is for you to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with your patients outside the four walls of the pharmacy. With today’s healthcare consumers demanding convenience and the ability to interact with your pharmacy on their terms, we know that consistent, reliable and trusted communications are critical to your success.

Fusion-Rx® is the industry’s first comprehensive patient communication solution designed for the future of pharmacy — eliminating the need for piecemeal communication solutions, reducing variability in messaging and improving the patient experience. Fusion-Rx allows you to communicate important clinical, health and adherence information in a cohesive, consistent manner in order to influence patient behavior and improve health outcomes.

Patient messaging that gets results.


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Messaging that puts the patient at the center

As the pharmacy moves from a dispenser of medication towards a more holistic provider of care, the ability to communicate with patients about more than just their medications is critically important. Fusion-Rx develops an understanding of each patient through the lens of their prescribed therapy, and leverages this intelligence to deliver targeted health messaging that influences behavior and improves outcomes. Examples include:

  • Identified gaps in immunization history
  • Tips for chronic disease management 
  • Relevant clinical services such as DSME, smoking cessation and opioid counseling 
  • Additional pharmacy services such as Medicare Part D enrollment


Fusion-Rx smart text messaging is the new way to improve medication adherence, combining the effectiveness of text messaging with the more secure, feature-rich experience of a mobile browser. Patients can securely view detailed information on their medications, empowering them with information that drives improved adherence.

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Our web and mobile solutions give patients the ability to quickly refill a prescription or securely view additional details. We can provide you with a pharmacy-branded mobile app, or you have the option to integrate your existing pharmacy or grocery store app with Fusion-Rx, improving the patient experience and reducing the administrative burden of supporting multiple apps.


If your IVR isn’t reducing your administrative burden and giving you more time to focus on high-value activities like patient care, it may be time for an upgrade. Fusion-Rx interactive response is a powerful, cloud-based and patient-centric IVR. It automates workflows and enhances patient interactions through advanced features like text-to-speech that verifies patient name, drug name(s) and shipping address. Is your pharmacy ready for an advanced IVR? Find out here.

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Implementing a patient communications strategy doesn't have to be hard. Where do you want to start?

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Fusion-Rx Patient Messaging

Based on an understanding of each patient, Fusion-Rx Patient Messaging delivers meaningful, timely and clear messages designed to improve medication adherence and clinical outcomes.
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Fusion-Rx Mobile App and Online Refill

Increase patient engagement with the user-friendly Fusion-Rx Mobile app and the seamless integration of Fusion-Rx Online Refill into your existing online presence.
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Let Fusion-Rx IVR make your life easier with cloud-based, next-generation technology that provides a meaningful experience to each and every patient who calls your pharmacy.

Fusion-Rx works with your workflow

Fusion-Rx integrates with virtually every pharmacy management system on the market. By sharing data in real-time with your pharmacy management system, Fusion-Rx understands the current status of all the prescriptions in your system, and uses that information to drive timely and accurate communications. Refill requests are automatically posted to your work queue, and your patients no longer receive notifications after a prescription has been picked up or a refill was dispensed.

"Smart text messaging is much more engaging and actionable for the patient than traditional text messaging. In addition to driving higher refill rates, Fusion-Rx also made a significant improvement to our workflow.

Their real-time integration with our pharmacy management system means each prescription is confirmed as eligible for a refill moments before the smart text message is sent, and prescriptions that are ordered post directly into our pharmacy management system's work queue."
Brett Barker
Vice President of Operations
Nucara Pharmacy

The Fusion-Rx Difference

  • Single, cohesive patient experience across all communication methods
  • Solutions that scale for independent, hospital and retail pharmacies
  • Modular design allows you to customize a solution to meet your needs
  • Advanced IVR, digital and mobile capabilities
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Improve Star Ratings
  • Increase reimbursement
  • Reduce DIR fees
  • Streamline pharmacy operations
  • Enhance patient loyalty
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