Automated Pricing

Keep your prices competitive while improving profitability

Keep your prices competitive while improving profitability

We know that frequent changes in acquisition costs and competitive prescription pricing make it hard to maintain profitable margins and attract cash-paying customers. Setting the right U&C price is a balancing act – you want an optimized price for billing insurance, but you also need to stay competitive in the growing cash-based market.

With OmniSYS, you don’t have to choose between competitive pricing and profitable pricing. By leveraging market intelligence and proven, proprietary analytics, OmniSYS automatically sets and constantly adjusts your usual and customary (U&C) pricing to ensure your prices stay competitive for cash-paying customers while also maintaining profitable margins for your pharmacy.

Why does cash pricing matter?

Although cash may only be 10 percent or less of your prescription volume, cash prescriptions can make up to 25 percent or more of your margins.

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Get the financial security you need, to build the pharmacy you want

The traditional methods of establishing, monitoring and adjusting U&C prices are time-intensive, manual and at the end of the day, not very effective. As pharmacies move from dispensers of medication towards more holistic providers of care, automating and optimizing pricing will give you both the time and the financial security to invest in your future.

Guard your pharmacy from profit erosion

Eliminate the time-intensive and manual process of establishing, monitoring and adjusting U&C prices by fully automating price management with OmniSYS. We constantly identify and protect against profit erosion through daily reviews of payer reimbursements and market data, guarding you from issues that erode your margins such as paid at U&C events.

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Data-driven, intelligent pricing

Many pharmacies base their U&C pricing on acquisition cost in attempt to maintain a target margin percentage, but this limited view of pricing does not consider important factors like third-party reimbursements and local market data. Our intelligent price analysis is based on a combination of the following data elements, providing competitive and profitable U&C pricing for your pharmacy. Pricing is automatically monitored and adjusted as needed.

  • Third-party reimbursements
  • Margin goals
  • U&C reimbursements
  • Acquisition costs
  • Geographical market data
  • Staff override history

Customize pricing based on your goals

No two pharmacies are the same, and no two pricing strategies should be either. We take into account your pricing goals for brands, generics and individual drugs to build a custom pricing strategy for your pharmacy. Through our user-friendly interface, you can easily adjust how aggressively you want to price drugs based on market popularity and see how any pricing changes will impact your revenue and gross margin. ProfitMax® enables you to set and maintain the ideal pricing strategy and margins for your pharmacy.

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Improve your business in just three easy steps!

Talk To a Pricing Expert

One of our pricing experts will learn more about your business, including your pricing strategy and goals.

Understand Your Opportunity

We will help you understand your opportunity for margin improvement with OmniSYS.

Grow Your Business

Rest assured that OmniSYS is automatically optimizing your pharmacy’s pricing.

Pricing updates, right in your workflow.

ProfitMax® integrates with the following pharmacy management systems, updating pricing within your system automatically. We do not require any monthly maintenance, and we will not tie up your system for hours each month making adjustments. Don’t see your pharmacy management system on the list? Contact us for additional options.

Hear from a successful pharmacy

"Thanks to OmniSYS we can focus our time on patient care and not on managing pricing. Their automated pricing solution is comprehensive and fully integrated with our pharmacy dispensing system. We’ve seen a measurable decrease in the number of Paid at U&C claims, and during our first year of utilization even with shrinking reimbursements, OmniSYS managed net positive margin growth for all Dierbergs Markets pharmacy locations."
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Dierbergs Markets
Greg Guenther | Director of Pharmacy | Dierbergs Markets

The OmniSYS Difference

  • Proven ability to improve overall margins
  • Market-based price data keeps pricing relevant
  • Fully automated and workflow-integrated
  • No additional switch fees
  • Protect against above cost, below minimum margin instances
  • Reduce claims paid at U&C by ensuring price is not below your highest MAC
  • Improve price confidence and reduce overrides
  • Improve price consistency
  • Protect against cost changes
  • Simple, intuitive interface allows you to manage all aspects of your pricing
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Let's start growing your pharmacy with ProfitMax®

Tell us a little about your pharmacy business so that we can match you with an automated pricing expert today.

Please note that we do not provide drug prices to patients. If you are a patient and have a question about the price of your medication, please contact your local pharmacy.

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