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An ever-increasing number of patients seek their immunizations in the pharmacy setting. From identifying opportunities to paperless consent forms to accurate reimbursement, OmniSYS is here to help you every step of the way with pharmacy immunization software that will revolutionize your immunization experience! 

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  • Grow your business by identifying eligible patients 
  • Allow patients to complete consent forms on their mobile device
  • Document vaccines with a pharmacy EHR 
  • Update and query state registries 
  • Bill claims within your existing workflow


It can be hard to keep up with the evolving requirements for billing, documentation and reporting for COVID-19 vaccines. OmniSYS has the resources you need to support the administration and reimbursement of the COVID-19 vaccine at your pharmacy.

Let OmniSYS take the guesswork out of COVID-19 vaccination administration for you with pharmacy immunization software designed to support COVID-19 vaccines. 


Identify eligible patients

Know when your patients are eligible for a specific vaccine with proprietary technology that identifies gaps in a patient’s immunization history.
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Engage patients through personalized outreach

Send your patients personalized messages about their immunization needs through voice, digital or mobile.

Go paperless

Allow your patients to complete consent forms from their mobile device, while you document the encounter with guided templates driven by payer requirements.


Take the guesswork out of reimbursement

Get the reimbursement you’ve earned with real-time verification for eligibility, coverage and payer requirements.

Update and query state registries

Streamline your workflow by automatically updating the appropriate state immunization registry. Hover over the map on the right to see all of the OmniSYS IIS connections!

IIS Connections

Encounter-Rx notes

Help Medicare patients select the right plan

Leverage a plan comparison tool to help Medicare eligible patients select an in-network plan at your pharmacy based on their unique prescription needs.

Optimizing your immunization business doesn’t have to be hard. Where do you want to start?

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Patient Outreach

Engage patients based on identified gaps in their immunization history.

Paperless Documentation

Save money, time and trees! 
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Optimize reimbursement through real-time eligibility and accurate medical billing.
"It’s very rare these days to have a situation in healthcare where everybody wins. But this is one. Pharmacists are able to give a pneumonia shot that might not have happened otherwise, and at zero cost to the patient. They then get reimbursed from the health plans, and the health plan’s finances are strengthened because people are staying out of the hospital."
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Gary Petruzzelli, B.S., PharmD
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Optimize your immunization business

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