OmniSYS and Scientific Technologies Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership

DALLAS, TX – April 4, 2018  – OmniSYS, a leading healthcare technology company focused on revenue cycle and patient engagement solutions for pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, today announced a strategic partnership with Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC). The partnership will provide OmniSYS with access to immunization history from all participating state and jurisdictional Immunization Information System (IIS) registries.  This information, combined with OmniSYS’s proprietary data set, will enhance OmniSYS’s OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) enabling pharmacies to grow their immunization business while improving vaccination rates among the populations they serve.

“During the most recent immunization season we had over 20,000 pharmacies utilizing VMS to target Medicare patients eligible for pneumococcal vaccinations. Participating pharmacies realized significant statistical improvements in their immunization rates, with one out of four flu shot patients receiving the appropriate companion pneumococcal vaccine.” said John King, chief executive officer at OmniSYS. “The partnership with STC advances our OmniLINK data set, allowing us to offer an expanded scope of vaccine-related services and providing new opportunities for our customers to not only grow their business, but improve the health of at-risk populations with life-saving vaccines.”

The OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution identifies opportunities for pharmacy-administered immunizations, allowing pharmacists to make educated recommendations to eligible patients for specific vaccines. By applying clinical and business rules to data from multiple sources, VMS determines patient eligibility and indication and delivers that information to pharmacy staff in real-time through their existing workflow. The partnership with STC will provide registry immunization history as an additional data source for the OmniLINK platform.

STC chief executive officer Michael Popovich added, “Working with companies like OmniSYS allows us to utilize the power of technology so that immunization data can facilitate greater interaction between immunization providers and the consumers they serve, creating wins for all, including public health.”


About OmniSYS
OmniSYS is a technology company that helps pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers drive growth by engaging patients, competing on value and distinguishing their brands. With over 25 years of experience, we leverage our unique market insight, pharmacy workflow expertise and extensive industry knowledge to deliver valuable solutions to our customers. We provide medical billing and patient communication solutions for pharmacies and consumer engagement programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers that drive value and deliver real results. OmniSYS currently serves over 25,000 pharmacies, connects to hundreds of payers and touches millions of patient lives. For more information, visit us at You can also follow OmniSYS on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Scientific Technologies Corporation
Tens of thousands die each year from the flu. New measles cases occur even though it was all but eradicated. Whooping cough still kills the young. These and many more diseases are diminished through the use of vaccines, public health prevention programs, and data intelligence. STC, through our innovative technology solutions and consultancies, is on the front line of this battle with its mission to create a healthier future. Ideas Start Here!

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