OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) Overview


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Learn how OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) can improve immunization rates at your pharmacy.

What exactly is OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution (VMS)? OmniLINK VMS identifies patients who are eligible for companion vaccines when they present at your pharmacy for an influenza vaccine.
So how does OmniLINK VMS know when a patient is eligible for a particular vaccine? OmniLINK VMS works by looking at a combination of claim data, patient immunization history from state immunization registries, ACIP / CDC guidelines and the patient’s eligibility through their insurer.
Which vaccines are currently covered by OmniLINK VMS? OmniLINK VMS currently covers Medicare Part B patients for the two-dose pneumococcal vaccine regimen – Prevnar 13® and Pneumovax® 23. We will be introducing new vaccines and payers for the upcoming immunization season – stay tuned for more information!
How will I know if a patient is eligible? You will automatically receive a notification in your pharmacy management system that the patient is eligible for either Prevnar or Pneumovax. The alert appears either as a “soft edit” or a DUR 88 reject edit.
If I’m not already participating in OmniLINK VMS, how do I sign up? All that’s required to participate is a consent form, as this program is funded by the manufacturers. If you are not already signed up, click here to request a consent form.

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Together we’re making a difference by improving the health of at-risk populations with life-saving vaccines.

During the 2017 immunization season, over 20,000 pharmacies utilized OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution. 800,000 pneumococcal vaccine opportunities were identified, with 1 out of 4 flu shot patients leaving a participating pharmacy with the appropriate pneumococcal vaccine. This resulted in $30M of incremental revenue across participating pharmacies.


We just keep growing! Our recent partnership with STC expands the OmniLINK data set to include patient immunization history.

Earlier this spring, OmniSYS announced a strategic partnership with Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) to provide OmniSYS with access to patient immunization history from all 56 state and jurisdictional immunization registries. The addition of patient immunization history will allow OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution to support new vaccines and patient populations beyond medical benefit coverage. Read more here: