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Patient engagement programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Not all data is created equal. OmniLINK leverages OmniSYS’s market insight, proprietary technology and unique access to data from over 25,000 pharmacies across the country to build customized patient engagement programs that allow you to target new service lines and at-risk populations. OmniLINK empowers both manufacturers and pharmacies with the right tools to improve medication adherence, immunization rates and population health.

Advancing Adherence for Diabetic Patients

OmniLINK Diabetic Testing Solution
Three out of four diabetic patients are non-adherent to their medications. The OmniLINK Diabetic Testing Solution uses proprietary claim data to identify and stratify non-adherent Type I and Type II diabetic patients so that customized outreach protocols can be applied to influence patient behavior. On behalf of the manufacturers and with the support of our retail pharmacy customers, the OmniLINK Diabetic Testing Solution then executes targeted educational outreach programs that help patients overcome these challenges and improve medication adherence.
Leveraging our insight into medical claim data, we partnered with a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and national retail chains to proactively identify Type I and Type II diabetics with both government and private insurance. As a result of OmniLINK Diabetic Testing Solution, patients 180 days past due were 20 percent more likely to return to the pharmacy for a refill.

Moving the Needle on Adult Immunization Rates

OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution
Unlike traditional staff alerts or third-party portal solutions, the OmniSYS Vaccine Management Solution drives results by taking a different approach – we apply clinical and business rules to data from multiple sources in order to accurately identify patients eligible for specific vaccines. This information is delivered to the pharmacist in real-time and within their existing workflow, allowing them to counsel the patient on the benefits of the indicated immunization while they are still in the store.
During the 2017-2018 immunization season, over 20,000 pharmacies nationwide utilized the OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution program to improve pneumococcal immunization rates for both the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. Participating pharmacies included national retailers, regional grocers and an assortment of mid-sized chains and independents.

Compared to pneumococcal immunization data from the 2016-2017 immunization season, the results showed a significant increase in companion vaccines administered.

OmniSYS improves immunization rates.

Percentage of flu shot patients who also receive an appropriate companion vaccine:


national average


with OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution

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Measuring the effectiveness of smart clinical messaging at pharmacies to improve adult immunization rates


Manufacturer Programs