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We are pleased to introduce you to our OmniCONNECT partners. Each of these partners has gone through a review process with OmniSYS and when appropriate, a technical certification on OmniSYS technology. All of the solutions from our OmniCONNECT partners work seamlessly with your existing OmniSYS solutions. We invite you to explore these exciting solutions that can provide additional value to your pharmacy. 


Founded nearly 50 years ago and employing over 2,500 clinical, regulatory, and operational pharmacy professionals, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pharmacy support services to more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States and Puerto Rico. CPS helps hospital pharmacists tackle complex problems such as medication reconciliation, hyper-inflated drug costs, standardization, centralized distribution, regulatory & compliance, and 340B programs leading to increased quality, reduced readmissions and lower costs.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)

Solution Overview

CPS works with hospitals with existing specialty and ambulatory pharmacies, as well as those looking to open one. Our solution starts with a study to determine if the ambulatory pharmacy will generate profit. Based on the results, we will aid in the design, build out, developing staffing models, and business plans. We provide actionable solutions including software and automation strategies, plans for capturing additional revenue and savings, capital equipment recommendations, operational plans, inventory management guidance, and patient medication management solutions.

Solution Benefits

• Help drive greater specialty/outpatient/retail pharmacy revenue
• Improve pharmacy services across the continuum of care
• Improve patient satisfaction
• Increased 340B savings

Contact CPS
(800) 968-6962

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PerceptiMed is driven to make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer, reducing injuries and death. Its groundbreaking technology sets the industry standard for prescription verification, dispensing and will call retrieval.


Solution Overview

PerceptiMed’s advanced pharmacy automation technologies reduce prescription errors, improve pharmacy workflow productivity and generate a quick ROI ─ from fill to will call. PerceptiMed’s feature-rich scripClip™ Will Call System includes verification checks that ensure customers receive their correct medications. scripClip provides labor saving search and RTS functions. scripClip locates all prescriptions belonging to a customer including family prescriptions. scripClip locates packages everywhere in the pharmacy and works on existing shelving. It’s the only system that supports both hanging bags and paper Rx bags. PerceptiMed’s identRx™ uses artificial intelligence for pill verification. identRx verifies that every pill placed into a prescription is correct and simultaneously serves as an ultra-accurate pill counter. IdentRx performs automatic multiple counts and back counts for Schedule II drugs. Its small, desktop footprint eliminates the need for remodeling. IdentRx supports remote verification and can provide workload rebalancing in telepharmacy environments.

Solution Benefits

• 45 to 70 percent faster will call searches
• Automatic Schedule II triple counts
• Fits anywhere – no store remodeling
• Multiple form factors – hanging bags and clips for paper bags
• Prescription verification for will call

Contact PerceptiMed
(650) 941-7000 – select option #1

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Pharmacy Management Systems

OmniSYS offers real-time integration with virtually every pharmacy management system on the market. This seamlessly helps streamline workflow and improve outcomes in your pharmacy. Please contact us through the button below if you'd like more information on how we can work with your pharmacy management system, or if you are using a system that you don't see on the list.

Key Centrix
Liberty Software
McKesson Canada
Prodigy Data Systems
RS Software
Computer Pharmacy Software
Fillware Technologies
Kroll Computer Systems Inc.
RX Master
Foundation Systems Inc.
Health Business Systems
VIP Pharmacy Systems
Micro Merchant Systems