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Study of Claim Data Shows Retail Pharmacy’s Impact on COVID-19

You couldn’t ask for a better set of data than what pharmacists have in front of them every day – a treasure trove of therapy-based information, collected over many years from loyal patients. And when that data is normalized, organized and analyzed, unprofitable areas of the business are revealed and new opportunities are exposed.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Pharmacy Playbook

This playbook is designed to support the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in the pharmacy setting, and will walk you through everything you need to know to prepare to successfully administer the vaccine at your pharmacy.

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MARKET MINUTE: Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Billing

As you prepare to provide the COVID-19 vaccine at your pharmacy, it’s important to know that the reimbursement pathway looks different compared to the other vaccines you provide today. Check out this short video that outlines these differences and shares what your pharmacy needs to know as you prepare to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Every season is immunization season now. How can you maximize your patient experience?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout ramping up right as immunization season would normally be ending, the concept of an immunization season is a thing of the past. Delivering a great immunization experience for patients will position your pharmacy a preferred designation for preventative and primary care, even after the pandemic. So how can you make your immunization experience awesome?

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How Far We’ve Come: Immunizations

Many patients understand the need for an annual flu shot, but they are less clear on the need for other recommended immunizations. Pharmacies needed a reliable way to leverage the power of growing access to patients seeking flu vaccines to start providing other companion vaccines as well.

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Are You Ready for the Busiest Immunization Season Ever?

The upcoming immunization season is shaping up to be the busiest ever, as flu season collides with COVID-19 and a recent poll shows that a record number of patients will likely be seeking flu vaccinations this year. Check out these steps you can take to ready your pharmacy for a respiratory virus season unlike any other.

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New Decade, New Pharmacy Model

The pharmacy landscape is rapidly changing to include service-based approaches that are proving to be a major factor in healthcare reform. Pharmacists face a unique opportunity to embrace the role of a ‘primary-care pharmacist’ while maintaining their role as the purveyors of medicine.

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