Immunization Services

Maximize every interaction with your patients to improve their health and grow your business.

OmniSYS helps pharmacies improve immunization rates and maximize reimbursement with a comprehensive, end-to-end immunization service. Our intelligent, patient-centric solution accurately identifies immunization opportunities and enables you to easily bill vaccines covered under the medical benefit so that you can grow your business, differentiate your brand and compete on value.

Identify eligible patients.

A successful immunization program begins with having the right information. OmniSYS leverages clinical, business and financial rules to identify gaps in a patient’s immunization history that are both clinically necessary and covered by insurance.

Alert pharmacists within their workflow.

OmniSYS provides real-time alerts to pharmacy staff within existing workflow for identified immunization opportunities. Pharmacists can then easily and confidently recommend the appropriate vaccine.

Engage patients through targeted outreach.

Drive patient engagement, increase store traffic and improve regimen completion with proactive outreach through HIPAA-compliant mailers, text message reminders and/or IVR phone calls.

Optimize reimbursement on immunization claims.

OmniSYS manages the entire claim process from claim submission to remittance to proactive denial management. Our broad payer network includes connectivity to Medicare, Medicaid and access to over 1,500 commercial plans.

Leverage reporting and analytics.

Gain unique insight into market opportunities, operational and financial performance. Leverage analytics to determine patient engagement initiatives, payer expansion opportunities, inventory management and pharmacist training opportunities.

Grow your immunization business.

Increase vaccine utilization and improve population health. Our results during the 2018-2019 immunization season:



conversion rate without OmniSYS


conversation rate with OmniSYS

patients indicated for pneumococcal vaccines

pneumococcal vaccines administered

million revenue for participating pharmacies

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