How Can OmniSYS Help Your Pharmacy Support COVID-19?

From everyone here at OmniSYS, we are truly grateful for everything you are doing to serve and support your community during this challenging time. Below are a number of ways that OmniSYS solutions can support your pharmacy as you navigate COVID-19. If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please contact us at

>> Documentation and Billing for COVID-19 Testing

With large retailers already providing COVID-19 testing and other pharmacies likely to follow soon, you can now document COVID-19 testing encounters, communicate the clinical findings to other providers and, when reimbursable, electronically bill for the encounter through our pharmacy electronic health record.  Learn more about pharmacy EHR.


>> Communicating with Patients about COVID-19

Communicating with patients outside the four walls of your pharmacy is now more important than ever. You can message patients about COVID-19 using pre-defined templates, or create customized messages via inbound IVR. You can also easily make changes to store hours, delivery schedules and available services all in one place that will apply across all communication methods. Learn more about patient communications.


>> Changes in Medicare Part B Requirements

CMS has released a number of waivers and modifiers to make it easier for you to support Medicare Part B patients during this national emergency These changes in requirements, including patient signatures, delivery of diabetic supplies, day supply allowance and replacement for DME, are all reflected in our medical benefit billing solution. Learn more about medical claim billing.

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