OmniSYS’s John King on making a difference with the pharmacy

Smart clinical messaging has emerged as a promising technology to facilitate the time-sensitive and accuracy-dependent process of determining vaccine eligibility in the pharmacy…The result is patient- and vaccine-specific alerts that manifest in the pharmacist’s existing workflow in real-time, allowing vaccination opportunities to be addressed at the point of service.

Although providing immunizations is still a relatively new service line for the pharmacy, it is one that has grown rapidly in just a few short years — influenza vaccinations administered at pharmacies increased by more than 500% over a six-year time period. However, over that same time period, overall adult immunization rates in the United States remained relatively stagnant. So while there has been a shift in the setting of vaccine administration, there is still a need to improve overall vaccination rates. How can the pharmacy capitalize on its new role as a convenient setting of care and improve overall immunization rates for key diseases such as pneumococcal disease?

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