Medical Billing Support for COVID-19 Testing

Enrollment and Billing for COVID-19 Testing Now Available!

Formal guidance was released by Medicare that provides a simple path for the billing of COVID-19 testing. Pharmacies can contact the provider enrollment hotline to provide the basic information listed below and receive temporary Medicare billing privileges for COVID-19 within two business days. 

If you are a current CareCLAIM customer:

You will be able to submit claims for COVID-19 tests through CareCLAIM once you have enrolled with CMS.  If you are ready to begin submitting COVID-19 claims to CareCLAIM, please complete the form below so we can help you complete the set up process.

If you are interested in signing up for CareCLAIM:

CareCLAIM allows you to easily submit medical claims, now including COVID-19 tests. CareCLAIM is the pharmacy industry’s leading medical claim billing solution, trusted by over 25,000 pharmacies across the country to optimize reimbursement on medical claims. 


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