Request Free Access to COVID-19 Pharmacist Training

Any pharmacist in the country can access COVID-19 training through the OmniSYS Training Center™ at no cost! The step-by-step training walks you through everything you need to know to implement COVID-19 testing at your pharmacy.

So, How Does It Work?

You don’t have to worry about figuring out all of the requirements to start administering COVID-19 tests – everything you need is outlined in the OmniSYS Training Center for you! 

  • How to access COVID-19 test kits
  • How to apply for the appropriate licensing in your state
  • An active list of payers that will reimburse COVID-19 tests in the pharmacy*
  • How to bill payers for COVID-19 testing encounters
  • How to administer a nasal swab to patients
  • Requirements for communicating positive test results  
  • How to communicate the encounter to the rest of the patient’s healthcare team

    *this information will be updated continuously as new payers offer reimbursement 

“During a national emergency like COVID-19, it’s essential for everyone to do what they can to support each other. We are uniquely positioned to support clinical services at pharmacies, and we want help ease the burden for pharmacists on the front lines by sharing our expertise on how to operationalize COVID-19 testing encounters without pharmacies having to worry about the cost,” John King, OmniSYS chief executive officer.

Request Free Access to the OmniSYS Training Center to Operationalize COVID-19 Testing at Your Pharmacy

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