Three Practices to Protect Profits from the Slippery Slope of Retail Drug Pricing

For retail pharmacies, pricing often represents a missed opportunity. As the saying goes, ‘no money no mission’. Each year pharmacies lose thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, due to non-competitive cash pricing, third party underpayments and eroding margins due to changes in inventory acquisition costs.

Will the MBI Transition Impact Your Reimbursement?

Over the past four years, CMS has been transitioning from HICN to a new member number called the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI). Starting on January 1, all claims submitted to Medicare will require a MBI for claim reimbursement, even if the date of service is prior to January 1. Claims sent without a MBI will be rejected. 

OmniSYS Food Insecurity Program

We begin a pilot program in Augusta, GA with a local pharmacy and a local food bank with goal of making a positive impact on food insecurity in the region. Through this collaboration, the program addressed both physiological and safety needs. By alleviating food insecurities for patients, we can help to improve their overall health and prevent patients from having to choose between buying their food or buying their medication.