Are You Ready for the Busiest Immunization Season Ever?

The upcoming immunization season is shaping up to be the busiest ever, as flu season collides with COVID-19 and a recent poll shows that a record number of patients will likely be seeking flu vaccinations this year. Check out these steps you can take to ready your pharmacy for a respiratory virus season unlike any other.

BREAKING NEWS! Pharmacy Enrollment and Billing Guidance for COVID-19 Testing

OmniSYS has been working directly with CMS, the CDC and the FDA to provide guidance on how to implement a clear pathway for pharmacies to enroll and bill for COVID-19 virus testing. Formal guidance was released today, and we are pleased to share that it provides a simple path for the billing of COVID-19 tests through Medicare.

Three Big Trends that Will Impact Pharmacy Communication

Now more than ever, pharmacies need to think about virtualizing their storefronts and effectively communicating with patients. Today’s healthcare consumer, particularly during this extraordinary time, is increasingly turning to virtual communication as their preferred method of interaction. So, what is the best way for pharmacies to connect with their customers and what investments do pharmacies need to make in order to thrive in this increasingly digital age?

Three Recommendations to Capture More Clinical Services Revenue

Because you assume the role of provider in clinical encounters, reimbursement looks very different than it does for your standard pharmacy transitions. Here are three key challenges when it comes to capturing clinical services revenue, and recommendations on how you can overcome these challenges.

Three Practices to Protect Profits from the Slippery Slope of Retail Drug Pricing

For retail pharmacies, pricing often represents a missed opportunity. As the saying goes, ‘no money no mission’. Each year pharmacies lose thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, due to non-competitive cash pricing, third party underpayments and eroding margins due to changes in inventory acquisition costs.