Community‐Based Pharmacy Practice is Reinventing Itself

Community pharmacists play a prominent role in communities nationwide. There are over 62,000 community pharmacy locations nationwide serving as the “front door” to our profession. Nearly all Americans (89%) live within 5 miles of a community pharmacy, making community pharmacies the most readily available access point for health care in the United States.1 For nearly 20 years, […]

Raising Vaccination Rates, by John King

There is one public health initiative in particular where I believe forward-thinking pharmacies can leverage patient relationships and access to make a significant impact: adult immunization rates… Most adults know they need an annual flu shot. But what about the two-dose pneumococcal vaccine regimen? Or the new shingles vaccination? A significant opportunity exists to educate […]

Opportunity at the Point of Care

“Community pharmacy has long been a crucial point of care, providing not just medications, but also ready and broad access for patients to answers while supporting physicians’ practices by taking work out of their offices. Here we’ll learn about the current state of opportunity at the point of care in two areas: immunizations and CLIA […]

Improving Adult Immunization Rates

Every year, millions of adults are hospitalized and thousands of adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Improving immunization rates is a critical public health issue, and it begins with helping patients understand which vaccinations they need in order to be immunized from life-threatening diseases. The pharmacy is a logical setting for educating patients on recommended vaccines and […]

Computer Talk l 2018 Outlook: The View from OmniSYS CEO John King

CT: Where do you see pharmacy owners putting their technology investment dollars in 2018? John King: 2018 will continue to see pharmacies invest in technology which helps them better engage patients, compete on value and differentiate their brands. CT:  What existing technology do you think pharmacist should use more in 2018? King: Smart clinical alerts are an emerging […]

OmniSYS’s John King on making a difference with the pharmacy

Smart clinical messaging has emerged as a promising technology to facilitate the time-sensitive and accuracy-dependent process of determining vaccine eligibility in the pharmacy…The result is patient- and vaccine-specific alerts that manifest in the pharmacist’s existing workflow in real-time, allowing vaccination opportunities to be addressed at the point of service. Although providing immunizations is still a […]