Innovative Solutions for Pharmacy


OmniSYS is a technology company that helps pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers drive growth by engaging patients, competing on value and distinguishing their brands. With over 25 years of experience, we leverage our unique market insight, pharmacy workflow expertise and extensive industry knowledge to deliver valuable solutions to our customers.

We’re improving the health of healthcare…


We provide medical billing, immunization services and patient communication solutions for pharmacies and consumer engagement programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers that drive value and deliver real results. OmniSYS currently serves over 25,000 pharmacies, connects to hundreds of payers and touches millions of patient lives.


…and delivering real results.

$150 million saved by reducing bad debt

2-4% increase in profits with denial tracking

65,000+ diabetic patients kept adherent

200,000+ adults immunized for pneumococcal

12 million patients impacting adherence messaging