Pharmacy Times: The Test to Treat Plan in Pharmacy

Pharmacy Test to Treat: Exciting or Business as Usual?

Experts David Pope, PharmD, CDE, OmniSYS Chief Innovation Officer, and Christina Madison, PharmD, FCCP, AAHIVP, were interviewed by with Pharmacy Times to discuss the pharmacy test to treat imitative from the State of the Union. You can watch the full video interview below:

What does the new plan mean for pharmacy?

While it appeared, based on the president’s State of the Union address, that pharmacy would be able to prescribe the antiviral treatment for COVID-19, it turns out the scope of the plan is limited to in-pharmacy clinics staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners.

“…the test to treat program ultimately is a program where pharmacies who also have a physician’s practice or a Minute Clinic, if you will, non-pharmacist practitioner inside that pharmacy, they can prescribe, like they normally do. And they can ultimately get that prescription filled upon a positive test and the government will make sure that those pharmacies are adequately stocked with that.” — David Pope.

“And so, when this announcement came out, I think we were all very excited within the public health space. But then ultimately, the devil is in the details, right? And so, I think, as much as this sounds like it’s going to be revolutionary, I think it really is going to start off quite small when we think about maybe a few hundred pharmacies and federally qualified health centers and long term care facilities across the country that may be able to actually do this test to treat program, as it’s currently laid out right now by the federal government. ” — Christina Madison

Read the full interview transcript on Pharmacy Times here.

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