PDS Super Conference 2022

It’s always great to speak with the independent pharmacy crowd, and PDS 2022 was no exception! Crowds were close to pre-COVID levels and we really enjoyed seeing folks in person once more!

So what pain points are hitting independent pharmacies the most? Not surprisingly, we heard several of you talking about medical claim reimbursement stress, paperwork struggles and the burden of getting commercial payer contracts for clinical services.

Medical claim billing is top-of-mind

COVID-19 put a spotlight on medical claim billing in the pharmacy, with increasing volumes not only for COVID-19 vaccines and testing but also for other primary and preventative care services as patients looked for more accessible settings of care. So it comes as no surprise that medical billing continues to dominate independent pharmacy conversations.

What medical claim billing problems are independents facing?

Low reimbursement rates on medical claims

We couldn’t believe how often we heard from pharmacies that were not getting reimbursed in a timely manner, and sometimes not at all. This should not be happening! OmniSYS customers enjoy a 99% reimbursement rate on all medical claims.

Manual payer setup

If getting reimbursed for medical claims is taking a lot of manual effort on your end, there is a better way! At OmniSYS, you can submit medical claims from inside your pharmacy management system just like you do pharmacy claims, and our software does all the work. With hundreds of proprietary edits, we return a real-time paid response or let you know if there’s an issue so you can fix it and re-submit. And this happens in seconds. Our software is always learning, utilizing the massive payer network we’ve built through our network of 30,000 pharmacies.

If you’re not familiar with OmniSYS’s medical billing solution CareCLAIM, you can learn more here.

At PDS 2022, paperless immunization workflow was a game-changer

We talked to many independent pharmacies who are still dealing with printers and mounds of papers to manage immunization processes like documentation and patient consent. In addition to causing pharmacists to deal with the literal heavy weight of all that paperwork, your patients aren’t loving it either.

Learn more about how you can improve your patients immunization experience on our blog, and more about our paperless immunization solution here.

Contracting, Contracting, Contracting.

It’s the problem that just won’t go away. And when it comes to this topic, misinformation abounds. If you hear about a “easy button” for getting medical contracts, run the other way! Unfortunately, there is no easy button to getting set up as a provider with medical contracts.

Check out our Mythbusters piece that highlights common misconceptions about contracting and credentialing.

PDS Super Conference 2022 Wrap-Up

In short, PDS Super Conference 2022 was awesome, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!  Sign up for Pharmacy Talk to make sure you know where we’re heading next!

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