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Improving health outcomes by helping manufacturers and payers connect with patients.

OmniLINK is a consumer engagement platform that helps manufacturers, payers and their retail pharmacy partners target patients with relevant content and messaging to improve adherence for prescribed medications, chronic conditions and recommended immunizations. Our programs help customers translate brand strategies into effective engagement tactics, driving measurable financial results and improved health outcomes

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As one of the nation’s leading technology solution providers for the pharmacy industry, OmniSYS serves over 25,000 pharmacies across the country. OmniLINK leverages this extensive market presence to deliver programs that reach our network of pharmacies across the country including large national retailers, hospital-based pharmacies, small to mid-sized chains and independent pharmacies.

Patient-centric approach

OmniLINK aggregates data from a variety of different sources to develop a complete understanding of the patient including medication / immunization history, non-adherence, clinical indication and insurance eligibility. This patient-centric approach allows for highly accurate patient targeting for any immunization or prescribed medication.

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Connect your brand strategy with engagement tactics

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, about half of patients with chronic conditions do not take their medication as prescribed. OmniLINK identifies intervention opportunities for non-adherent patients with chronic conditions such as COPD and diabetes, as well gaps in care for recommended immunizations. This information can be leveraged to council patients while they are in the store, and to provide ongoing patient education outside of the pharmacy.

Develop strategic relationships with your customers

OmniLINK enables messaging to both the patient and the pharmacy staff. We support multi-channel communication allowing customers to engage patients on their terms via text, email, phone or traditional postal service. OmniLINK also enables real-time clinical alerts to pharmacists so that they can engage patients at the point of service while dispensing medications.

"We value our relationship with OmniSYS. The OmniLINK Vaccine Management Solution has proven to be a successful tool in improving population health by identifying and addressing gaps in patient immunization history."
Andy Beidler
Director & Retail Marketing Lead,
Prevnar Adult Vaccine at Pfizer

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