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The OmniSYS Difference

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Identify Eligible Patients

OmniSYS’s solution helps pharmacies identify patients who are eligible for specific immunizations and vaccines. With our software, you can research a patient’s immunization history to identify gaps and engage them in getting current on their immunizations.

OmniSYS helps pharmacies grow and streamline their immunization business to increase their ROI. Our solutions make it as easy as 1-2-3 to help pharmacies increase efficiency for patients seeking or needing immunizations.

Streamline Workflow

Allow your patients to complete consent forms from their mobile device, while you document the encounter with guided templates driven by payer requirements.

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100% Focus on Pharmacists

OmniSYS’s focus is 100% pharmacists. With 25+ years of experience in partnering with pharmacies, we’ve helped more than 30,000 pharmacies increase immunization ROI and optimize their immunization process.

Our solution helps pharmacies identify patients eligible for immunizations, engage and educate patients, allow patients to complete forms from their phones and ensure you get the reimbursement you’ve earned. Helping pharmacists is all we do, it’s why we’re #1.

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OmniSYS helps pharmacists improve ROI on immunizations, and attract new patients with our EHR software. We help pharmacies identify, grow, and evolve with the ever-changing pharmacy landscape seamlessly.

Our EHR software for pharmacies make staying on top of patient immunizations easy.

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100% focus on pharmacists. Learn how our EHR & patient solution can help your pharmacy engage, retain, and grow your immunization business.

When it comes to helping your patients stay up to date and informed on their immunizations, OmniSYS is #1 in helping pharmacies grow their immunization business.

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