OmniSYS Enhances Medicare Part D Comparison Solution to Support Pharmacies and Patients During the Upcoming Open Enrollment Period

September 8, 2021, DALLAS, TX – OmniSYS, a leading healthcare technology provider focused on helping retail pharmacies become health hubs for their communities, announced today that its digital Medicare Part D enrollment solution has been optimized with an improved workflow for pharmacists ahead of the upcoming Medicare open enrollment period beginning October 15, 2021.


“Over the past year, pharmacies have seen an influx of new Medicare patients due to the pandemic. As patients seek guidance during the upcoming Medicare open enrollment period, pharmacies can build on these new relationships to provide this valuable service. Each year during the open enrollment period, 10 percent of beneficiaries will select a new Part D plan. Which plan they choose may impact whether they stay within a pharmacy’s network or move to a competitor,” said John King, OmniSYS chief executive officer. “The cost of prescription drugs is a top concern for Medicare patients, and as a result, it’s important for pharmacists to engage in Medicare open enrollment not only to help their patients successfully navigate the process, but also to grow their business by keeping patients in network.”


By partnering with a leading health insurance enrollment provider, OmniSYS has integrated Medicare prescription plan comparison capabilities into its patient communication and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, providing pharmacists and patients easy access to health insurance and prescription benefit plans that meet the needs of both the patient and the pharmacy.


“We continue to evolve our solutions to support the evolving role of the pharmacist as a provider of care,” said OmniSYS chief innovation officer David Pope, PharmD, CDE. “That’s why we have seamlessly integrated plan comparison capability within Strand-Rx, our billing-enabled pharmacy electronic health record. Pharmacists can easily identify intervention opportunities, document care, update state and federal reporting registries, bill for clinical encounters and now, help Medicare beneficiaries navigate open enrollment – all within their existing clinical workflow.”


OmniSYS’s Medicare Part D plan comparison solution automatically identifies and analyzes a patient’s current drug regimen. The pharmacist and patient can then see plan options that cover their drugs at the lowest combined premium and out-of-pocket cost, and the potential savings that would be realized by switching plans. Furthermore, pharmacies that leverage OmniSYS’s patient communication solution have the ability to promote this service to patients through targeted awareness campaigns. The integrated plan comparison functionality and patient awareness campaigns are available to OmniSYS customers at no additional cost.

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