HIT Consultant: The New “Front Door” to Healthcare Can Only Open Fully with True Interoperability

HIT Consultant: Pharmacies are now the “front door” to health care."

Some people think of retail pharmacists as standing behind the counter bottling pills, answering insurance questions, or discussing side effects with a customer.  

But the COVID pandemic fundamentally changed the role of the neighborhood pharmacist, from primarily dispensing medication to increasingly being the source of urgent and primary care for patients.  With the successful administration of more than 300 million COVID vaccinations, an ongoing doctor shortage, and healthcare deserts in large parts of the country, the need for this transformation has never been more evident.  

"Pharmacies are increasingly well-positioned to serve at the start of the healthcare continuum by providing easy access to clinical services, medication therapy management, immunizations, and walk-in patient consultations.  With 95 percent of Americans living within five miles of a pharmacy and healthcare provider shortages impacting communities across the country, it only makes sense that pharmacists become first-choice providers for a growing number of clinical services.  Pharmacies are now the “front door” to health care."

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