Drug Store News: Pharmacy Technology and Innovation

In late January, DSN sat down with pharmacy experts to discuss how the pandemic has hastened in a new era in pharmacy technology, and what that means for immediate and long-term future of the industry. The panel of experts includes OmniSYS president John King,  executives and stakeholders with InStep Health, Crocus Medical, ScriptPro and more.

Nearly half of pharmacists (48%) and two-thirds of prescribers (66%) reported an increase in technology use over the past 18 months, according to a survey by Surescripts. The survey concluded, however, that “there still appears to be plenty of room for technology to improve everyday workflows and frustrating processes.”

The Pharmacy Landscape is Changing. Innovation Must Keep Up.

John King, OmniSYS president, said his company’s focus is to help pharmacies grow the clinical side of their businesses, such as expanded point-of-care testing and screenings, and more immunizations, which represent scalable growth opportunities for the pharmacist as a provider.

“We’re going to continue to see in 2022, and for the next couple of years, a real focus on helping pharmacies scale these high-volume clinical services in their operations,” he said.

Sustainable Pharmacy Technology is not only Possible, it is the Future.

Pharmacies also should be able to leverage their investments in existing systems, he said, with solutions that allow them to call up discrete data for specific functions and tie it into third-party applications. “The technology of 2022 really needs to focus on how to leverage the existing assets inside a pharmacy,” King said.

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