BREAKING NEWS! Pharmacy Enrollment and Billing Guidance for COVID-19 Testing

Since the announcement on April 8 that all authorized pharmacists can administer COVID-19 tests, OmniSYS has been working directly with CMS, the CDC and the FDA to provide guidance on how to implement a clear pathway for pharmacies to enroll and bill for COVID-19 virus testing 

Formal guidance was released today, and we are pleased to share that it provides a simple path for the billing of COVID-19 tests through MedicarePharmacies can contact the provider enrollment hotline to provide the basic information listed below and receive temporary Medicare billing privileges for COVID-19 within two business days. 

  • Legal business name 
  • NPI 
  • Tax identification number 
  • State license  
  • CLIA certificate number 
  • Address 
  • Phone number 

Once the public health emergency ends, you will be required to complete a full CMS-855B enrollment application within 30 days to continue administering COVID-19 tests.   

This is landmark decision that empowers pharmacies in urban, suburban and rural areas to improve COVID-19 testing rates 


Prepare Your Organization 

You can access a free, step-by-step guide for how to fully operationalize COVID-19 testing in your pharmacy at the OmniSYS Training Center. Look for updates over the weekend with additional guidance on how to ensure you properly enroll with Medicare. 


Submit Claims 

If you’re a CareCLAIM® customer, you will be able to submit claims for COVID-19 tests through CareCLAIMOnce you’ve confirmed your enrollment with CMS and you’re ready to begin submitting COVID-19 claims to CareCLAIMcontact our team to complete the setup process. If you are not a CareCLAIM customer and would like more information on our medical claim billing, let us know!


Document the Test 

If you are an existing Strand-Rx™ customer, COVID-19 testing has already been added as an encounter type and you will be guided through all of the necessary elements for COVID-19 testing documentation. If you are not a Strand-Rx customer and would like more information on how our pharmacy EHR can support your documentation for COVID-19 testing encounters and other clinical services, you can learn more here. 


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